Everlux AL

Everlux AL – Photoluminescent Aluminium Safety Signs for Tunnels
In enclosed environments such as road and rail tunnels, accidents often result in tragic consequences, particularly if the incident is fire-related. Heat, smoke, and toxic gases can quickly cause chaos and panic, making it challenging for tunnel users to evacuate safely

This risk can be significantly reduced if there is a consistent, continuous safety information proving details of the egress pathway, emergency exits, fire safety equipment, emergency telephones and places of refuge that tunnel users can rely on to evacuate safely and independently on foot.

Everlux AL – Photoluminescent Safety Signs for Tunnels have been developed to help reduce the risks associated with tunnel accidents. Our safety signs are compliant with the NFPA 502 Standard for Road Tunnels, Bridges, and Other Limited Access Highways. The standard requires directional signs indicating the distance to the two nearest emergency exits on the side walls of road tunnels in intervals no more than 82ft.
Everlux signage can also be used as a complete Tunnel Safety Signage and Marking System, providing comprehensive safety information for all tunnel users.

Technical Properties

The Everlux-AL sign range feature a damage resistant transparent protective film which offers protection against acts of vandalism and environmental conditions such as humidity and moisture.

Luminance performance:

Time after removing the exciting light (in minutes)Luminance Intensity (mcd/m2) 
According to
RS 6.1(1)

According to ASTM-E2073(2)
10 minutes
60 minutes712--9
90 minutes

(1) Stimulation with 4000K fluorescent lamp providing a mean illuminance of 2foot-candles (21.6lux) on the surface of the test specimen for 120min.
(2) Stimulation with 4000K fluorescent lamp providing a mean illuminance of 1 foot-candle (10.8lux) on the surface of the test specimen for 60min.

Material: Heavy-duty 2mm thick aluminium with a photoluminescent coating;
Printing: Serigraphy, high-quality gloss paint with UV resistance;
Fire Resistance: Non-flammable;
Chemical Characteristics: Non-radioactive, non-phosphorous, lead-free and non-toxic.